For those who take pleasure in computers and wish to know how computer systems and pc networks work, the pc technology subject might be the place to be. If this is true, then WACC’s Computer Technology program is just the program to kick-off your know-how associated training and profession. The Univac 1 is the primary business laptop to attract widespread public consideration. Although manufactured by Remington Rand, the machine was typically mistakenly known as the IBM Univac.” Univac computers were utilized in many various applications but utilities, insurance corporations and the US military were major clients. One biblical scholar even used a Univac 1 to compile a concordance to the King James version of the Bible. Created by Presper Eckert and John Mauchly – designers of the sooner ENIAC pc – the Univac 1 used 5,200 vacuum tubes and weighed 29,000 kilos. Remington Rand eventually bought forty six Univac 1s at more than $1 million every.